My Rothermel ancestors and their family.

This is the remarkable story of my rather special Rothermel ancestors, members of a dynasty of operators, itinerant medical practitioners, oculists, toothmasters and herbsellers in the 17th, 18th and early 19th century, starting with German Lutherian Hussardoctors and continuing with descendants in Denmark, The Netherlands and France, ending with my great-great-grandmother  Sophia Rood’Ermel in Eeklo, near Gent in Flanders, Belgium. 

The signature below (1747) is from Valentin Roth Ermel, the great – grandfather of Sophia Rood’Ermel. He was born in Glauchau (Saxony) around 1695 and died in Zwolle, The Netherlands, in 1750.

When he was putting this signature on the birth-certificate of their daughter in 1747 he and his third wife Catharina Schouwerman were temporary staying in Sint Winoksbergen, now Bergues in Northern France. Catharina was also active in the medical sector as oculist.

handtek Valentin sr copy

  • Valentin Roth Ermel  ( ° ca 1695 in Glauchau – Saxony – Germany  and + 1750 in Zwolle – The Netherlands ) x to N.N. Jurgensdetter  from Denmark.
  • Valentin Valentinsen Rotermel Jurgensdetter  ( ° 1724 in Nyborg -Denmark)  x  to Frouke Pieters in Appingedam – The Netherlands.)
  • Pieter Rood’Ermel  ( ° 1754  in Appingedam – The Netherlands )  x to Isabella Louisa Constance de Bart ( ° 1775 in Sint Winoksbergen – now Bergues in Northern France)
  • Sophia Rood’Ermel ( ° 1807 in Sijsele near Brugge -Belgium and + 1853 in Eeklo near Gent-Belgium )  x to Joannes Francies Laureyns ( ° 1800 in Kaprijke in the region called Meetjesland in Belgium and + 1863 in Eeklo – Meetjesland – Belgium)

Sophia and Joannes Francies are my great-great-grandparents , great-grandparents of my mother Estella Noelly Elisabeth Laureyns ( 1914 – 2002 ).

The full story on my Rothermel  ancestors will follow soon.